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My name is Cary Carbonaro and I am a NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor (1 of approximately 800). I received my MBA from Long Island University, CW Post campus, and relocated to Florida from the NYC's Financial District (aka Wall Street). My tenure in Private Banking and the Institutional Investment Management began in 1990, including 8 years at JP Morgan Chase (from a Branch Manager through to an Assistant Vice President), 3 years at Citibank (Vice President) and 2 years as a Director at Lord Abbett Investment Management (the 2nd oldest Investment Manager on Wall Street). I received my certificate in financial planning (CFP) in 1994 from the College of Financial Planning, and am a Registered Investment Advisor.


We, with 80 of America's other top financial advisors, founded National Advisors Trust Company, FSB. We created the National Trust Company to provide Corporate Trustee and Custodial Services, at a substantial discount for our clients. We collectively manage more than $45 billion in total client assets.

Independent: As a nationally-recognized "Fee-Only" Private Wealth Management Firm, WE WORK FOR YOU, NOT FOR A COMPANY. Therefore, WE HAVE A FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY to each institution and family which receives our optimal mix of expertise, service and integrity.

Credentials: We integrate several practice disciplines, including Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Masters in Business Administration, Registered Investment Advisors, Certified Financial Planners (CFPs�), and NAFPA Registered Financial Advisors to represent your interests.

Publish and Lecture: We appeared on the cover of the nationally-acclaimed book Tips From The Top which features advice from the top 100 Investment Advisors in the United States. In Tips From The Top, we were the most quoted Investment Advisor. Our firm participated in the May 23rd edition of the NBC Today Show as an expert Investment Advisor and appeared on Ivanhoe Broadcast News in their "Smart Women Are Talking About Retirement" segment. Our firm serves as an "expert" Investment Advisor for the Orlando Sentinel in the "Money Matters" hotline and has been quoted by Bloomberg. Our Firm serves on the Board of Directors for the Financial Planning Association, Mid Florida Chapter.

Client Centric: From our initial client interview, during the first engagement and throughout our entire representation of your family, we center and structure our services around our clients.

Commitment: Each client receives our pledge and commitment in writing. Our commitment is simple: establish a lasting partnership with you and your family, and empower each of you to meet your objectives and goals. We perform periodic reviews with each of our clients.

Access to Institutional Money Managers: The "minimums" for these "institutional-investor-only" managers range from $1 million.

Full Disclosure of Fees: If applicable, we provide you with an analysis of your current fees, and a comparison with ours to demonstrate how our firm provides a substantial value to you.

Our Investment Philosophy: Assist institutions and other family practices to better understand Portfolio Managers and Investment Funds, and thereby enhance return while preserving capital. To that end, we deploy a comprehensive quantitative evaluation (statistical models) of Investment Funds and qualitative analysis (painstaking due diligence) of Portfolio Managers. We review a Manager's Investment Approach and Trading Strategy, and voraciously examine his Risk Management Discipline or, more specifically, how that Manager identifies, quantifies, controls and/or mitigates each type of risk associated with that investment (e.g. alpha, beta, "market," "selection," "position," correlation, economic, political and liquidity).

Advanced Private Wealth Management Services, Including Legacy Planning and Family Practice Services: Foundation Management, Employee Benefit Planning, Kids and Money, Business Succession, Portfolio Manager Due Diligence, and Alternative Investments (Hedge Funds)

Philanthropic Planning: We believe in planned giving and the importance of charitable contributions to enhance the world we live in. We are a member of the Philanthropic Advisors Network, part of the Council on Foundations, the National Committee on Planned Giving, and the Planned Giving Council of Central Florida.

Affiliations: Member of Board of Directors-Financial Planning Association, National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), Florida Bar, Florida Board of Accountancy.

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