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We use a comprehensive process to evaluate your goals and build a comprehensive wealth management plan. Your plan should be as unique as you are. To create your plan, we go through a six-step process:

SET GOALS…We help you identify both short and long-term goals to be the guideposts for your wealth management plan.

GATHER INFORMATION…We gather data ranging from your assets and liabilities, to your risk tolerance and lifestyle. If applicable, we will also gather data about your company human resource benefits.

ANALYZE AND EVALUATE YOUR SITUATION…We'll show you how your current situation relates to your stated goals.

PROVIDE RECOMMENDATIONS AND ALTERNATIVES…We will research and consider alternative strategies before recommending a proposed action plan for you. Together, we will discuss and agree upon a final comprehensive wealth management plan.

IMPLEMENT YOUR PLAN…Our role is to make sure your comprehensive wealth management plan is implemented in a timely manner. After your approval, we'll outline an implementation timetable together.

MONITOR AND EVALUATE…If requested, your financial affairs will be reviewed and updated annually. We will monitor your progress toward your goals throughout the year.


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We are interested in knowing each of our client families, and their intricate needs, goals and objectives.

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